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Image by Chang Duong


Proclaiming Victory!

Today I am opening my mouth and proclaiming victory. Today I am opening my mouth and denouncing failure and defeat. Today I will speak to my future and fulfill my purpose in the earth. I will walk boldly and confident in my faith. There will be no lack, setbacks or missed opportunities. Today I am declaring that I won't miss destiny. Today I am changing my story. I am declaring that I am not a victim, but I am an overcomer. Today I will open my mouth and roar; I am not cursed. I am blessed. I am not weak. I am strong. I am not poor, I am a wealthy child of God. I am not sick, I am healed. I am not rejected, I am wanted. I am resilient. Today I am changing my story from doubter to believer.

Image by Vaishakh pillai
Image by Jez Timms

New Creation

I am a new creation in Christ. I choose to be different; I choose to treat my body as a holy temple. I choose to better myself today. I know that with God all things are possible and He will heal and deliver me. I know that He will give me the strength I need to move forward and to change. I choose today not to harm myself, but to love myself.


Today I choose to forgive those that have hurt me in ways that are unimaginable and not comprehendible. Today I choose to release and let go. I will not hold on to anger, I will not hold on to bitterness. I am choosing peace. I choose love. I choose to forgive so that I can be healed, forgiven, and set free in every area of my life. I will no longer rehearse or relive what was done to me, but today I am choosing to let it all go.

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